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The J. Danton Company, LLC invites you to take a tour of our remodeling and space planning/design portfolio. Our mission is to create, renovate and build the most comfortable and functional spaces in your home or office. We are experts IN to change an ordinary room or an entire house to extraordinary without breaking your budget.

We work with all types of residential and commercial spaces in the Northern Virginia area, using the historic and area-specific design elements as well as modern, contemporary features and styles.

Space planning and design can be challenging especially in the condominium and studio market. How to make a 1,000 sq ft space look like a 3000 sq ft loft? Ask us! Put our expert design team to the test and let us make your dream come true. Yes, you can have that space you've always wanted!

Beautiful exteriors and backyard features are a great way to utilize more space around your property, like A front porch, pergola, portico. Or how about a nice multi-tear deck in the backyard for outdoor entertaining? We CAN DO IT!

Please browse our portfolio and let us plan, design and build your next project. Local builder, local workforce, all within your reach!

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